CIAB services – Sectors of Interest

CIAB Services

Over 75 years we have reached a significant market position, a fact acknowledged by our partners and competitors alike. We are constantly updating our operating methods and know-how. This range of knowledge includes all types of domestic, industrial, healthcare and tertiary sector systems and has now been widened to encompass all the necessary associated construction works. We listen, and thanks to the flexibility which has always been our hallmark, our partners consider us to be extremely reliable, also as a result of the continual assistance we provide. Furthermore, we act as project partners for our customers and their project managers. For this reason an unrelenting daily quest for innovation is a cornerstone of our work

Sectors of interest: some examples

Our general and special cases

All our systems, of whatever type, represent the vital flow of the structures in which we operate, but they cannot become operational without the structure that supports them, the construction work.

“An answer to all needs”


Construction and Systems

we carry out works in hospitals, schools, military and law enforcement premises, logistics centres and business districts.


We develop mechanical systems (air conditioning systems, water treatment systems, medical gas systems), building management systems, cogeneration systems, sprinkler systems, electrical systems (low voltage-medium voltage transformation systems, lighting and electric power systems and special systems). Construction works in the healthcare sector are undertaken as part of our general contractor role.


We develop electrical systems (low voltage-medium voltage transformation systems, street lighting systems, electric power systems, fire detection systems, emergency calling systems, and variable message sign systems) and mechanical systems (mechanical ventilation systems and fire prevention systems).


We install waste water purification systems, water treatments systems, primary water purification systems, and balance of plant for solid and liquid waste treatment systems.



we also provide project financing solutions for the healthcare sector. This means private sector entities such as CIAB participate in the construction, management and financing of public works or works providing some form of public utility. This guarantees a shareholding in future income from the works undertaken. This solution enables us to undertake projects together without having to wait for official approval for work to start. Everybody wins!


As everyone knows, systems must be maintained. Therefore CIAB supplies maintenance services alongside plant and system installation, and we do so with maximum care and professionalism. All our projects include a future maintenance plan which is executed by TechnoGest, one of our subsidiaries. All TechnoGest personnel are maintenance specialists for each type of system supplied by us. When we act in a project financing capacity with specific requirements, we set up a dedicated limited liability consortium with our partners to obtain optimum results as transparently as possible.
You just have to ask! Whatever your requirements, we’ll bend over backwards to set up a partnership with you using our extensive network of professionals. This network allows us to implement the most innovative solutions.